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Anonymous asked: Your teeth look amazing. So proud you got what you wanted. Can't wait for your video. Take care!

thanks so much! i’m really happy right now ^_^

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Anonymous asked: Hey sweet :) first of all: happy (belated) birthday! I just wanted to say that sometimes people don't see birthdays as special occasions or celebrate it, so Try not to take it personally with your hubby. I would suggest next year, since you're married now and he is your family, that you take the lead and set the tone for how you want things to be :) make plans and let him know this is how you like it, and one year he may just surprise you!! We take our cues from what others show us :) *hug*

good suggestion ^_^

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Anonymous asked: how did the hot hair extensions hold up? Did they last long?

My aliexpress hair is doing great. No real tangles as long as I brush it daily..and even when I don’t it just takes a little water and the tangles fall out…it is curly hair tho. Minimal shedding. I’m sure I could use it for a few more installs. 

For the price, it’s good hair for sure. No smell when I got it. I’m not sure if it’s my favorite hair, but if I end up being to lazy to look for another vendor I’d definitely order this hair again. 

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Skyping with my two favorite boys. They’ve been spending the week at my MIL’s house because Jae HATES being alone haha. Also I’m sure he just wanted to enjoy the last bit of time he has left with his family before moving to America. I can’t wait to see him… It’s only been a week but it seems like forever. I’ve traveled the world alone but for some reason it just isn’t fun anymore. Is that what happens when you get married (or at least as a newlywed)? 

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My gums are still crazy ass swollen (It’ll take 2 months for them to heal ㅠㅠ), but overall I’m VERY happy. The teeth arent perfect haha… I mean….of course there are things I would change. But hey, I’m realistic. I only had a week. Usually this kind of thing would take well over a month to complete. I’d go back in for adjustments here and there and all that…but I don’t have time….(or money) SOOOO here we are. WAAAY better than the temporaries (which were yellow and downright HORRIBLE). There’s a tiny gap between the front two teeth that bothers me, but honestly I don’t care. Look at my before picture hahaha I had nowhere to go but up. All that’s left is to have my bite readjusted on Monday and then back to Korea to see my baby. I miss that boy so much. 

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soontobeyoon asked: Sorry I have another question! We just got our Packet 3 (yay!) and it says that once u apply for your interview you should wait to hear back from them for 6-10 weeks and they will let you know if you are eligible for the interview. We don't have all the paperwork and records together yet .... do you think I should wait to apply for the interview or just go ahead and do it now since it will take 6-10 weeks? Thank you so much for your input!!

That’s not true. I applied for my interview online and it was set up right away. There were interview slots available for the next day but I chose 2 weeks later. We went and found out right away that we’d passed. It took Jae like a week to get his green card packet in the mail.

Just choose an I interview date that u think will allow u enough time to get your stuff together. I does NOT take 6 weeks.

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Downtown Makati, Manila is beautiful albeit boring (for a married woman that can’t stay out all night drinking). There’s really nothing to do other than shop, and I kinda wished Id picked another town In the Philippines…the country has so much too offer. Missing Jae and can’t wait to get back to Korea :( more updates soon.

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All checked into my hotel. For a room that’s only 30 a night it’s pretty okay. Hey, I might be an adult but I still travel like a student haha. Cheap and clean that’s all I want. At least there aren’t bunk beds haha

All checked into my hotel. For a room that’s only 30 a night it’s pretty okay. Hey, I might be an adult but I still travel like a student haha. Cheap and clean that’s all I want. At least there aren’t bunk beds haha

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At the airport and ready go. So excited to get a new smile after all these years of hating my teeth. Sad to leave Jae tho…wish he was coming along. Also strange that after I get back I will only have one week left in Korea. Ah ..so much change.

After I arriving I’m going to a vegetarian dinner (that I organized via couchsurfing) with a bunch of locals and tourist. 22 people RSVPd. Excited to eat! I’ll post more when I can, and I’m gonna make a video of my experience as a dental tourist so u can look forward to that.

Adventure here I come!

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