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idontwanttobewittynow asked: WOOHOO! Good luck on visa~ So exciting!!! Where are yall going to move to in the US (sorry if I missed that)?

Our plan is to move in early October… Little by little my MIL is freaking out about her baby leaving hahah

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On our way…

Our I-130 (the first part of the visa process) forms have been submitted! Woot woot! It was expensive ($450), but it’s done. Now all I have to do is pray that I filled out everything properly ㅠㅠ Jae can’t speak English so there was no one to double check stuff for me. It’s so scary! Thank goodness we filed 7 months before we’re actually planning to go to America, so if anything goes wrong we’ll have some time to fix it.


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This is what Jae and I will be doing in May…. Same location as the video…

It’s gonna be interesting …hahaha

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So I just made Jae watch Lee Michelle’s new video for “Without You”…

I wasn’t that big of a fan of hers when she was on Kpop Star (well…I mean….I was a fan…but mostly just because she was blasian girl), but she’s really outdone herself with this video. I’m so proud of her for not going the safe route and just doing some cutesy sh** . Her video really has a message…one that I’m not sure Korean people are really gonna understand. Her video debuted at like 145 (??) because as you know she got dropped for YG and her new label (1TheK..what the heck kinda name is that????) hasn’t done a very good job of promoting her. It’s actually a really good song too. It’s been stuck in my head for the past few days. 

I made Jae watch it because I was curious what a Korean person would think of it. However, I guess I kinda forgot that he’s not just a Korea…He’s a Korean with a Black wife and this song is pretty much speaking to the life of his future child. He said the video was hard to watch and that it put him in a bad mood. He goes…this makes me want to move to America faster…or not have a kid. 

In such a homogenous society like Korea, it’s really hard to be different. I do get that. But I also know that it’s not that hard to teach children not to be horrible people. How do you think students normally react when they find out I’m their teacher? I usually get some rude comments for the first few days, but as soon as I explain to them what is and isn’t appropriate to say…and after they get to know me…all that goes away. It’s really the close-minded parents that are the problem. But as Korea is becoming more international a lot of the young parents’ minds are changing. They’ve lived/worked abroad..they have a much different outlook on things than their parents do. Don’t get me wrong, Korea is still racist as all living f***, but I do think it’s getting better.

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the video …enjoy. And let me know what you thought of it by commenting/reposting ^_^

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My MIL called me last night and was like “How come you never call me. I’m just sitting at home all bored and stuff and you never call me or come over.” It’s ‘cause I’m scared ~~~~~~~~ i’m not very good at speaking korean formally (with honorifics) and i’m constantly worried that i’m saying something rude. but then again…going over her house more often does mean i’d get to eat her food. she also told me to stop eating ramen so often and foods loaded with msg (which she’s right about). sigh…i guess i’m gonna be going over there next weekend…someone COME WITH ME (Jae claims I’m a big girl and can go on my own…) 

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For the person (hi kittenghost! ^_^) that asked what aegyo was….

And don’t say “AWWWW that’s cute.” It’s not. It’s irritating and fake as f***. You have no idea. Oh sure, it looks “cute” when you watch it in a drama. But when your grown ass co-teacher is faking that cute shit all the time it’s just irritating and sad. 

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Jae and I officially have 15,000,000won (a little over $14,000) saved (not including the money ive got in my American saving)! AND I’ve got all the papers together to file our I-130 (the first part of the green card process). If When all goes well, we should have his green card in about 3 months!!!!!

It’s starting to really feel like we’re leaving…which is both good and bad. I’m ready to go back to the States and start a family, BUUUUUT Korea has been the only places I’ve ever known really well. My entire adult life (from 21-27) has been here. I was a baby before I came, and now I’m leaving a grown-ass married woman. It’s hard to picture a life outside of this place. 

The best ajumma at the 수두부 (tofu soup) restaurant that I frequent gave me free 전 (korean pancake ??) yesterday for no reason. THEY NEVER GIVE YOU FREE FOOD unless there’s something wrong with it FOR NO REASON IN AMERICA! And my student’s dad bought me my dinner on Monday….and the thing is..the moment I saw that family in that restaurant I KNEW my meal was gonna be free (and no I didn’t order the most expensive thing because of that…but i wanted to). Korea is so wonderful in so many ways. 

I must remember all the things I hate. Ah right, AEGYO! Okay, now I feel like going to America.

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What’s he doing?

I kid you not, for the past 30 minutes Jae has been looking at pictures of blasian babies. WHAT IS HE TRYING TO DO TO ME?! 

However, he’s come to the conclusion that our baby is gonna come out weird looking. “There’s no way our baby is gonna come out like that,” he said as he pointed to a picture of the cutest blasian baby I’ve ever seen. Probably true, but I think our kid would be at least…ya know…I mean I’ve never seen an ugly blasian baby….

Oh no, what if we make the first? What do ya’ll think?

Anyway, I was just starting to get babies off the brain…and now this. 


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swirllife asked: "I’ve never understood how these big ass companies never seem to ask anyone if the English they use in their marketing is correct." Just a thought -- is it possible for you to start a business where you are a consultant to business that want to appeal to English speakers/foreigners? Charge them a consulting fee to translate simple phrases so their signs, brochures, website, or whatever make sense.

I’ve been thinking of doing something like that with a friend of mine….but now that I’m leaving korea it probably won’t happen