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rosesandpeaches asked: Hi! Thanks so much for all the help you've given me with the immigration stuff! I was wondering if you need your US birth certificate during the process? BH says that all the Korean resources/experiences said that both a valid passport and official copy of a birth certificate are needed, but I thought just my passport would be sufficient. Thanks!!

I just submitted a printed copy (just to be safe). It wasn’t official or anything..my mom just scanned mine and emailed it to me. I printed it and included it in my files. I can’t remember why I decided to included but I’ve always felt that it’s better to have more than needed. Jae and I passed every step with zero problems so that mentality worked out for us.

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Anonymous asked: What do you think about the park bom 'scandal' & how Korea is treating it? Even though the drug was prescribed to her & evidence shows she wasn't abusing the it. Seems like she's getting more hate than kim hyung joon.

I’m going to generalize here and say that Koreans don’t tend to care about facts. They looooooove to jump to conclusions even when it goes against all common sense and evidence. I’m not surprised at all by their reaction. Also Koreans have very little understanding of drugs in general…I’ve had sooo many try to tell me that pot is just as addictive as cigarettes… You get like 4 years in jail for any possession of pot. They also tend to see things in very black and white terms. Drugs bad. Park Bom had drugs. Park Bom bad…even tho it was prescribed by a doctor and legal in America. There are also practically 0 drugs in korea (although crazy rates of alcoholism) so any mention of it causes a huge scene. It’ll blow over…eventually … But rumors ruin careers here as people seem reluctant to think for themselves and draw their own conclusions.

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Anonymous asked: Do you and Jae usually eat at home or eat out? If at home, who does the cooking?

We order in A LOT hahah. Korean delivery is super cheap (no tips ..usually no min order) and eating out in korea is often much cheaper than cooking bc supermarket food costs in korea are crazy (in my opinion) but Jae cooks at least a few times a week. He graduated from culinary school so he’s a pretty good cook….makes me yummy things all the time.

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rosesandpeaches asked: hey! Did you encounter any problrems in signing up for an appointment through USCIS to submit your I-130 petition? It keeps telling me that there is no appointment available now, and when I put in my name and information, it cuts my Alien number when I check the info (does it mean an alien number for the US, not korea?) Also did you submit a case number? I don't know what that is or how to get it before even submitting the initial paperwork. Sorry for all the questions, thank you!!

There’s no case number to submit… And I’m pretty sure they are not asking for your korean alien reg number…they are asking for an American alien number (but as you are a citizen you wouldn’t have one of those…your hubby also wouldn’t have one) so just leave that blank. I didn’t have any problems getting an appointment but right now it’s back to school time so I’m sure that there are many students rushing to get visas for college programs…that might be why there are no appt….but I got an appt for the very next week when I did it. If you send me a screenshot of the appt page I can tell u what to fill in

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soontobeyoon asked: Hi again! You wouldn't happen to know anything about how/if you can count jeonsae into meeting the income requirement, would you? I won't make the requirement so we're looking for assets.. but jeonsae isn't technically owning... I've been searching endlessly but to no avail! Trying to avoid asking my parents to co-sponsor... Thanks so much in advance!

For the greencard? You can include his income but as his income won’t continue in America I’m not sure how helpful that will be but I do know that you can include it. But I wouldn’t make his income the main qualifier. If he has savings then just transfer his savings to your american account and you can add his name to the account once you arrive in the states. If you can’t figure it out, email the embassy. They got back to me within 2 days. Cis.seoul@uscis.dhs.gov

Know that (if possible) you can always use your parents. I864-a if they share the same residence as you (your license states your parents addy or some other official document or you are planning to live with them upon arriving In America) or the i864 form if you don’t share a residence.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help

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Anonymous asked: Was the restaurant you ate at with your students any goof, if yes do you remember the name or address of the restaurant. Tanks in advance

It pretty good… There’s weren’t a crazy amount of buffet options but everything I tried was delicious…. The Shabu Shabu was great and they had so many sauces. My student said it was all organic but I’m not sure if that’s true.

It’s called Boiled Broccoli and it was kind of near boramae station (but we went by car so I’m not sure exactly)

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KPop Star Kim Hyun-joong Accused of Assaulting Girlfriend - Haps Magazine

"K-pop star Kim Hyun-joong, 28, has been accused of assaulting his girlfriend. According to Songpa Police Friday, a woman identified as Choi claiming she is Kim’s girlfriend filed an assault complaint against the singer Wednesday. She claims to have been repeatedly assaulted by Kim at his apartment in southeastern Seoul, from May until July of this year.

The woman, who is in her late 20s claims that Kim punched and kicked her, leaving bruises on her face, chest, arms and backside, which led her to seek two weeks of medical treatment in May. In July she claims things got worse when Kim’s abuse sent her to the hospital for six weeks. Choi told police the alleged assaults revolved around problems with other women, though the police did not further elaborate.

According to police, Choi submitted medical records and other documents proving their romantic relationship. The two have been dating since 2010, Choi said.

“We keep contacting Kim’s agency, Key East Entertainment, to schedule a time to question him,” said police spokesman, Jung Chae-min. The agency reportedly said that they are investigating the situation and will release a statement.

Kim is flying out to Bangkok, Thailand today for the next performance of his “2014 Kim Hyun Joong World Tour”.”

Edit:all other accounts I’ve read said they’ve been dating since 2012… Not that it matters Honestly I doubt anything will happen to him. The police in Korea are a joke, and Korea continually ranks as the country with the greatest gender inequality in the developed world. What will likely happen…. He’ll probably have to pay a fine… Maybe…but definitely not a big one. And his fans will harass his ex-gf to the point where she may even leave Korea. She’ll get blamed for ruining his career or tarnishing his image and everyone will forget that he’s a psycho. (If he did it) Also why the fuck are the police calling his agency in order to reach him?! And why is he still on tour if charges are being pressed against him? The Korean justice system is insane.

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My student (the older gentleman in the blue shirt…he’s in his late 40s early 50s I think) is so nice! He reserved a private room at a delicious organic buffet (and Shabu Shabu) and even ordered a bottle of whine for us.. My last day with my wonderful Nongshim students ㅠㅠ after he dinner the student that bought the food also drove me across town to Itaewon (I had a date plan win jae) ….

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Jae took my dog to get a haircut and now my dog is in love with him… Straight up forgot about me haha,. Also sorry my husband is exposing so much leg haha

Jae took my dog to get a haircut and now my dog is in love with him… Straight up forgot about me haha,. Also sorry my husband is exposing so much leg haha

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